Bangkok Noi Hotel is situated near Bangkok Noi Canal in Bangkok, Thailand. The project is mainly divided in 3 main parts which are guestrooms including 44 building type rooms and 2 villas, swimming pool and restaurant. In layout design, the fact that the project site has not much edge touching the canal and to serve internal guests and to attract outsiders make the designers decide to put the restaurant and cafe for the canal view. Moreover, to solve the small-area-site problem, instead of creating large common green area, designers provide personal pocket courtyard to every building to give more privacy and more relaxing. The fact that there are 3 floors in each building gives each floor different views. While the first floor takes advantage in using ground area and tree shadow, the second floor and the third floor gets bush, treetop and sky respectively. All buildings are covered by old wood to be harmony with all architectures which are long time canal-side community along Bangkok noi canal. To put the project in such context, the architect don’t want to alienate the building. As a result, the visual characteristic of the project is only boxes with normal arrangement with hidden function and courtyard inside. The restaurant and cafe do the same way as the rest. They also use the same material but they are designed more modern including facilities such as multipurpose room, swimming pool and fitness.



DESIGN : 2018



AREA : 2,300 SQ.M.