BB – SP2 Clubhouse or Bangkok Boulevard :Sathorn-Pinklao 2 Club House, is a rhombus-shaped clubhouse. Two sides of the project site face the road and the other two sides face the Mahasawat canal. The architect decided to divide the site into 2 zones which are private zone (water side) and public zone (side street). The building is separated into 2 masses. The negative space between 2 masses is designed to be an entering approach. The exterior design is extruded from the ground to blend with landscape and be the green view for the departure by hiding the function beneath it. While left mass contains office and juristic area, the right mass slopes to the canal which can be the amphitheater for waterfront activities. The interior function is fitness that can see the pool connecting to the rear canal. The courtyard is added into the interior space to be the view of the project and for ventilation Reason.



DESIGN : 2017


AREA : 700 SQ.M.