Vive Ekamai-Ramindra is a luxury residence project developed by Land and House to create a brand-new residence type of contemporary style differentiated from its earlier projects.
The design concerns about the spaces serving the needs of privacy and simplicity for relaxation which is the basic requirements of people nowadays, while still representing a luxury lifestyle. The house is like a secret place for spending quality time for their own or with family and closed ones, not to reveal to the outsiders as like the former layout styles.
The clubhouse is designed to be surrounded by the functions which twist over and occur an inside courtyard creating a spatial perspective that can be experienced only by the users when getting in. In detail, the first floor includes parking lots, toilet, and locker room which has split levels leading to the lobby hall, meeting room, and office, while its landing has a prime view of the inside courtyard. The second floor covers balcony and swimming pool area exposing to the inside area of the project, and its mezzanine houses a fitness room taking both outside view and courtyard inside view. The clubhouse building design is simple but unique under principal of empty space layout.
The design of house types is developed according to the fundamental layout approach of utilizing functional spaces, but the spaces between functions are also valued. The pocket courtyard is designed for the visible green space for each room and create proper ventilation in all functions. The design of the openable aluminum lath facade increases privacy for the rooms at the front zone of the house. The overall tone of the project keeps white and simple focusing on the details for maintaining the overall harmony.



DESIGN : 2016 / COMPLETION : 2019